How to Carry Your Surfboard

By Del Mar Surf Camp | Posted on Apr 15, 2011

When we look at these long daunting beginner boards, many people ask us, "How do I carry one of those things!"? Yes, while they are long and sometimes very heavy, there are tricks and tips to carrying the long board during surfing conditions that will get you catching the most waves! Here's a video on how WE do it!

VIDEO: How to Carry Your Surfboard

Ways to Carry your surfboard from the video

  1. On Your Hip: There is a center of the very long surfboard that will stay flat if you rest it on the right place. Find that place and rest it on the top of your hip. Your hand (should be able to) grab the other side of the board and hold it perpendicular to the ground.
  2. On Your Head: Carry the board with the fins facing upwards and nose facing downwards. Again, you will have to find the center of the board that rests on your head flat, then with two arms, carry the sides (rails) of the board.
  3. With a Friend: If you have a friend with a board as well, lay both boards flat on the ground and each person stands one at the top of the boards and one at the bottom - these are the smallest areas of the board to carry with your arms. Then with two people at both ends, you will be able to carry two boards easily!

If you have any comments or any other ways to carry your surfboard (your very long surfboard), please let us know and we will be happy to post on the blog to share with others!

Pura vida!

Angie Miranda

Camp Director, Nosara

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